Wearing your perfect wedding gown on your wedding day may have been something you’ve been dreaming about for years. We are so pleased to be a part of your magical day and want to make certain your dress shopping experience is fantastic. We’ll help you find the perfect gown; one that complements your figure and a style that reflects your personality. Since finding and fitting into the perfect wedding dress can take time, it’s best to get started as soon as possible.

At d’Anelli Bridal & Special Occasion, we know that everything is easier to manage when you know what to expect. The following outlines the entire wedding gown purchasing process. We hope this experience will be as exciting and fun as it was intended to be.

  1. Call us to schedule a wedding dress consultation.
    Please note: Consultations by appointment last 90 minutes. We recommend scheduling your appointment 2 to 3 weeks in advance.
  2. When you arrive you will be asked to fill out some basic information on a bridal form. Then you and your party will be greeted by your consultant.
    Please note: Seating is limited to 2 guests on Saturdays. You are welcome to bring as many you you want, but please know some may have to stand.
  3. You and your consultant will then discuss the style, fit, and budget for your dream wedding gown.
  4. You will be shown the layout of our store. Our consultants are experienced and knowledgable — don’t be afraid to ask questions! Your consultant will help you choose about 4 – 6 gowns for you to start with.
  5. Your friends and family will be seated in preparation to see you in each wedding gown you have chosen. Your consultant will help you change in and out of the samples in your dressing room.
  6. Friends and family are more than welcome to take photos of you. If you are coming to try on gowns alone, your consultant will be happy to take photos for you.
  7. Make sure to note what you like and don’t like about each gown you try on. Your consultant will be your greatest advocate, so don’t worry about stepping on toes if someone in your party has a different idea of what your dream gown should be.
  8. You will be able to try on more gowns as time allows. Remember your appointment is 90 minutes long. If more time is needed, we would love to  help you set up another appointment.
  9. Once you have found your wedding gown, your consultant can help you find the perfect veil and other accessories to complete your look.

Sizing and Ordering Your Gown

Now that you’ve found your wedding gown, your consultant will measure you in the dressing room. Our consultants are trained to take accurate measurements, but we always double measure to ensure that we order the size that will best fit you. Keep in mind that wedding dress designers do not base their sizes off of ready-to-wear sizes, so you may need a different size wedding gown than you wear in off-the-rack clothing. Your consultant will note the size that will best fit you based off your dress designer’s size chart, but remember that you have the final decision on what size you want to order.  Most women do not fit exactly into the designers’ dress proportions, so alterations are almost always needed.

After your size has been selected, our staff will go over our contract and place the order. Wedding gowns can take 4 to 8 months to arrive. However, some of our designers carry gowns in stock and some accept rush orders, with an additional fee. Be sure to include 2-4 months for alterations in your wedding dress ordering timeline. Ask your consultant for more details.