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Please read over the contract, fill out your information on the below form and submit it to us. A consultant will contact you shortly.
*If you have not heard from a consultant within 24 hours, please call 303.980.1400 and ask for the Bridesmaid's Department. Thank you.

Because you are out of town, we strongly recommend that a professional seamstress, bridal consultant or a tailor take your measurements. Always measure over undergarments for more precise measurements. There will be an additional charge for sizes 18 and over. Please contact the store for charges as each manufacturer differs. If you are taller than 5'8" you may need extra length. There may be an additional charge for extra length. If you order a dress when you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant; mother's to be should discuss sizing needs with a staff member. Most bridesmaids dresses run smaller than normal clothes. Your measurements are used along with a size chart to help determine the best size for you. Dresses are not made to customers measurements; and in most cases, alterations are necessary. The independent seamstresses that we recommend do charge for alterations. d'Anelli Bridal's staff will suggest sizes based on the understanding that you have been professionally measured and that those measurements are accurate. THE SIZE YOU CHOOSE IS ULTIMATELY YOUR DECISION. Please be aware that there are usually small seam allowances in bridesmaids dresses. which makes it harder to let out than take in. If you are between sizes, consider the largest measurement first, as well as the style that you are ordering and then determine which would be easier to alter. Generally we suggest that you go to the larger size and take in where needed. While it is good to think positively, try to not over estimate the results of a diet program.


  1. All sales are final. There are no return, exchanges, refunds or transferred credits on any item sold at d'Anelli Bridal.
  2. As this garment is a special order it requires three (3) to four (4) months for production. All ship dates are approximate. The manufacturer reserves the right to change a ship date based on their production schedule.
  3. After the special order has been placed with the manufacturer you can not add a rush to expedite the order. The only option is to upgrade shipping from the manufacturer to d'Anelli Bridal for an additional fee.
  4. When placing a special order, please review your ticket to ensure that the style, size and color are correct.
  5. Sizes are only recommended based upon the specific manufacturer's size chart that you are ordering from and the measurements taken at d'Anelli Bridal. We are not responsible for measurements not taken at d'Anelli Bridal. Please take an active part in selecting your size as the decision in what size to order is authorized by your signature. d'Anelli Bridal will not be held responsible for the fit of your garment should you choose a size other than our recommendation.
  6. d'Anelli Bridal is not responsible for the fit or additional costs (alterations or materials needed) due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy or plastic surgery.
  7. Manufacturer dye lots may vary and d'Anelli Bridal is not responsible.
  8. The bride or Party's contact person will have approximately one week to check merchandise over for manufacturer flaws. It is that person's responsibility to notify the members of the wedding party in a timely manner.
  9. Any remaining balance on special ordered merchandise is to be paid in full when the merchandise is received by d'Anelli Bridal or anytime before.
  10. Any merchandise that has paid for additional shipping to be sent to another state will go UPS ground insured. Merchandise needs to be paid in full prior to being shipped. Package will require a signature upon arrival.
  11. You have 24-hours from the time of the original purchase or party's order to cancel your ticket. There will be no honored changes or cancellations after three days for special orders on any merchandise nor will there by any honored changes or cancellations for rushed special orders at any time for any type of merchandise. d'Anelli Bridal is at the manufacturer's terms of cancellations. There will be a $35 cancellation service charge immediately assessed upon cancelled order for special ordered garment.
  12. If the above customer and/or bride is unable to pick up their merchandise at any time, it is their responsibility to provide d'Anelli Bridal the name of the person who is authorized to pick up the merchandise. No merchandise will be released for any reason to any unauthorized person.
  13. If the wedding date changes for any reason it is the responsibility of the bride and/or names party's contact person to notify d'Anelli Bridal.
  14. All merchandise must be picked up within seven (7) days after the wedding date on file or it will become property of d'Anelli Bridal. It is not d'Anelli Bridal's responsibility to contact you after the wedding date has passed in regards to any merchandise left behind.
  15. Once merchandise is removed from d'Anelli Bridal we are no longer responsible for the care or condition of the item. Please inspect before you leave the store.
  1. Alterations are a separate cost and work by appointment only. Alterations will be needed as the garments ordered are not custom made for your measurements.
  2. All alteration fees are due and payable in full at the first fitting.
  3. All seamstresses at d'Anelli Bridal work on a contract basis and are not employees of d'Anelli Bridal. The seamstress is solely responsible for the quality and completion of the alterations discussed, paid for and approved by the customer.
  4. d'Anelli Bridal and/or their contracted seamstresses have the right to refuse alterations to any individual under any circumstance at any time.
  5. d'Anelli Bridal, nor their contracted seamstresses are responsible for the fit or additional costs (alterations or materials needed) due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy or plastic surgery.
  6. Any issues or concerns need to be discussed directly with the seamstress so that she may explain and address any and all issues with the fit of the garment. In the event of a disagreement, any and all resolutions will be at the discretion and sole responsibility of the contracted seamstress.
  7. All alteration fittings require a scheduled appointment. We recommend for bridesmaids, flower girls, and mother/evening gowns, four (4) to six (6) weeks prior to the wedding or travel date for your first appointment.
  8. Anything under four (4) weeks from the wedding or travel date will be subject to a rush fee. Rush fees are at the discretion of the contracted seamstress and will be assessed at the first fitting due to time frame needed and work required. It is your responsibility to set your appointment in enough time to avoid any additional charges.
  9. If you are not able to come in or do not show up for your final fitting without rescheduling, the seamstress is not held responsible for the fit or finish work of your garment.
  10. If you meet with a seamstress and decide not to continue your alterations, there will be a $25 pinning fee for bridesmaids, flower girls and mothers/evening gowns. All pins will be removed upon pick up or the garment.
  11. Shoes and undergarments (including but not limited to: slip, bra, and spanx) must be decided upon, purchased and brought to the first fitting and all proceeding fittings.
  1. Pressing is included once with the service of alterations completed at d'Anelli Bridal. If you would like the bridesmaid or flower girl gown pressed more than once, there will be an additional charge of $25. If you would like the mothers/evening gown pressed more than once, there will be an additional charge of $35.
  2. Pressing will be an additional charge of $25 for bridesmaids or flower girls gowns and $35 for mothers/evening gowns if alterations are taken elsewhere. We will need the dress seven (7) to ten (10) days prior to the date of pressing and completion and pick up.
  3. Dry cleaning before or after wedding is always an additional charge of $35 for bridesmaids or flower girl gowns and $45 for mothers/evening gowns regardless if alterations are done at d'Anelli Bridal. Dry cleaning before the wedding on special ordered garment is not needed as it is a brand new product.

Bride’s full name
Wedding date
Bridesmaid/flower girl/junior bridesmaid’s full name
Parent name (if under 18)
Age (if under 18)
Shipping address
ZIP code
Dress to be shipped to above address after inspection Yes
Style number
Email address
Primary phone number
Sizing option I prefer to choose my own size
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Size (enter only if choosing own size)
Enter the following measurments. Measurements must be completed by a professional seamstress. Measurements should be taken in a bra and panties.
Bust measurement
Waist measurement
Hip measurement
Usual dress size
Hollow to floor (flower girl and junior bridesmaid only)
Accept terms and conditions of above contract.Accept contract terms
Accept alterations policies
Accept services offered
Entering your full name serves as your electronic signature
After submitting the above form, a consultant will contact you to discuss your order and complete your purchase.
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