Please read the following carefully. Signing this contract indicates your agreement to the terms herein.

Returns and Cancellations
  1. All sales are final. There are NO returns, exchanges, refunds, or transferred credits on any item sold at d’Anelli Bridal, Special Occasion & Prom.
  2. Orders may be canceled up to 24 hours after the order is originally placed. Rushed orders or stock orders cannot be canceled at any time. A $150 cancellation fee will be charged for any cancelled bridal gown order.
  3. A $35 cancellation fee will be charged for any canceled order for veils or accessories.
  4. Additional cancellation fees may be incurred per manufacturer guidelines, payable by purchaser.
  5. Changes to orders may be made up to 72 hours after the original order is placed at d’Anelli’s and the manufacturer’s discretion. No changes may be made to orders after 72 hours.
  1. Before the order has been placed with the manufacturer, please review the order to ensure that the style, size and color are correct.
  2. Garment size is recommended based on the manufacturer’s size chart and the measurements taken at d’Anelli Bridal, Special Occasion & Prom.
  3. d’Anelli Bridal is NOT responsible for measurements not taken by anyone other than a d’Anelli Stylist.
  4. You are encouraged to take an active part in the measurement process. If you feel uncomfortable with the measurements taken or believe them to be incorrect, inform d’Anelli Bridal immediately, before signing this contract, and you will be re-measured.
  5. You may order a different size than the size recommended by the d’Anelli Stylist.
  6. d’Anelli Bridal is NOT responsible for the fit of the garment should you choose a size other than our recommendation. Special order garments are not custom fit.
  7. Special order garments are not custom made. Measurements are taken to ensure the best fit possible; however, alterations are almost always necessary to ensure formal special occasion fit.
  8. d’Anelli Bridal is NOT responsible for the fit of the garment, or additional costs incurred, including, but not limited to: alterations or additional materials due to weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy or surgery.
  1. This garment is a special order and requires four to six months for production. All ship dates are approximate. The manufacturer reserves the right to change a ship date based on their production schedule.
  2. Once the order has been placed with the manufacturer, the order cannot be expedited or rushed. Shipping may be upgraded from the manufacturer to d’Anelli Bridal, at the manufacturer’s discretion. Additional fees may apply, payable by purchaser.
  3. Any remaining balance on special ordered merchandise is to be paid in full within 48 hours of notification of receipt your order by d’Anelli Bridal.
  4. Merchandise that requires shipping from d’Anelli Bridal, Special Occasion & Prom to a different location will be shipped UPS 2 Day Air Insured with a signature confirmation required. Orders must be paid in full before being shipped from d’Anelli Bridal.
Inspection and Pickup
  1. Manufacturer dye lots may vary. d’Anelli Bridal, Special Occasion & Prom is NOT responsible for differences in manufacturer dye lots.
  2. The named contact person, as specified on the original order, will be notified of the arrival of the merchandise. Garments must be inspected by bride or named contact for any manufacturer flaws or discrepancies within seven business days after arriving at d’Anelli.
  3. d’Anelli Bridal will NOT release any merchandise to anyone other than the named contact without prior authorization. If the named contact is unable to pick up the merchandise, the name of an alternate authorized pickup person must be provided to d’Anelli Bridal.
  4. If the event date stated in the original order changes for any reason, it is the responsibility named contact person to notify d’Anelli Bridal.
  5. All merchandise must be picked up no later than seven days after the event date on file. Any merchandise not picked up is considered abandoned and will become property of d’Anelli Bridal. d’Anelli Bridal is NOT responsible for contacting individuals in regards to any merchandise left behind.
  6. Merchandise must be inspected before leaving the store. After the merchandise is removed from d’Anelli Bridal, d’Anelli Bridal is no longer responsible for the care or condition of the item.
Additional Services Offered
  1. Pressing is included ONCE when alterations are completed by d’Anelli Bridal, Special Occasion & Prom’s preferred alteration service, A&E Alterations.
  2. Gowns altered at A&E may be pressed additional times for a fee of $145.
  3. Pressing for gowns not altered at A&E is available for a charge of $145.
  4. Pressing for veils, slips, and other accessories is available for an additional fee.
  5. Merchandise to be pressed must be in the store no later than seven to ten days prior to the scheduled pick up date.
  6. Dry cleaning before or after the event is available for an additional fee of $195.
  7. d’Anelli Bridal does not recommend dry cleaning for special order garments, as they are a brand new product.
  8. Gown preservation is available for an additional fee.
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